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A delicious chewable variation of the same elixir, it induces the same results as the Moonshotz drink, just in a more portable and microdose-friendly format. Our delicious plant-based formulation is vegan, gluten-free, and has natural flavoring. It stands out uniquely as having no chalky or bitter aftertaste compared to most competitors.
These cosmic edibles also assist with increased focus, sharpened senses, reduced stress and depression, and promoted neural cell growth.

Dosing: For Moonshotz Gummies, the dosing should be 1 gram x 5 multipliers (to standard fruit bodies). A bag packed with 10 gummies contains iso for approximately 4-5 gr of typically dried mushroom. With Each gummy being approx .5 grams of dried mushroom equivalent, consuming all 10 gummies amounts to a 5-gram Hero does, aka a full Moonshotz.

Moonshotz gummies dosing:

Floating: restorative/beneficial (.5 to 1 gummy)

Flying: for an elevated experience (2/3 gummy)

Soaring: Full euphoric experience. (3/4 gummy)

Moonshotz: take yourself to a lunar orbit (5+ gummies).
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