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Moonshotz brings you a very convenient and luxuriously made sweet beverage and a gummy formulation containing nature's ancient aid of extraordinary health.


It's a complete therapeutic experience that:

  • Sharpens your senses, such as enhanced color and sound.

  • Provides an exquisitely refined mind and body experience.

  • Amazing feelings of euphoria and lightness.

  • Reduced anxiety, depression, and pain.

  • Induces better sleep patterns.

  • Alcohol alternative with No hangover the next day.

  • Fills your body with vital good, feeling energy.

  • Rapid onset (approx 20 minutes) Only lasts 3 to 4 hours. (Due to rapid bioavailability)

  • Tastes better and cleaner than all other products in the market.

  • Has an amazingly stable shelf life of a year plus. (Most competitors are 8 weeks max). 

With regular use: (up to 3 days a week) 

Contains antimicrobial properties and has beneficial compounds such as selective proteins, enzymes, amino acids, lipids, beta-glucans, and many other co-tryptamines are all healthimproving aspects of our full spectrum mushroom isolate.
Encompasses anti-inflammatory compounds which promote stronger immunity.
Improves psychomotor performance, which enhances cognitive functions and physical movement.
Offers considerable benefits to mental health, reducing pain, anxiety, and depressive symptoms.
Increases energy, creativity, focus, and productivity.


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