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This is a unique and first-of-its-kind 2 oz tonic by Moonshotz, containing all the health benefits of full-spectrum mushroom isolate in drinkable form. Different doses on the sides of the bottle cater to whatever the people's intended journeys are.

How Moonshotz elixir works: Once the cap is twisted and clicked with the nitrogen-sealed capsule, the iso and flavoring are dispensed in a splash of color into filtered water and ready to drink. Notice four levels of dosing marks on each bottle's sides. You can intake it directly or pour it into separate shot glasses to measure the perfect dose for personal use or friends. Refrigerate after opening for more extended storage if any tonic remains.

Dosing for a whole bottle of Moonshotz is at 1 gram of iso per capsule. Each bottle contains 4 liquid doses evenly divided. A full Moonshotz bottle equates to approx 4-5g of typically dried mushroom.

Moonshotz Elixir dosing:

Floating: Restorative/beneficial (1/4th bottle).

Flying: For people who have a zest for adventure. (1/2 bottle).

Soaring: For a heightened sense of well-being, it will make you soar weightlessly.

(3/4 bottle) Moonshotz: elevate yourself to a new cosmic plane with a full Moonshotz drink. (Full bottle).

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